State Highway 99 / Grand Parkway

September 29, 2011

RE:  SH 99 Grand Parkway Traffic & Revenue Update

Dear Interested Colleagues:

Attached, please find the traffic and revenue (T&R) forecasts associated with the SH 99 Grand Parkway.  This work has been completed in conjunction with Harris County Toll Road Authority.  This information is being provided for your benefit to better understand the overall project.  The Texas Department of Transportation looks forward to working with the industry on this critical project.  

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact either myself at (512) 936-0960, or Roger Beall at (512) 904-1636.


Edward P. Pensock, Jr., P.E.
Interim Director,
Texas Turnpike Authority Division

Description:  Updated Traffic & Revenue forecasts have been produced for the various segments of the SH 99/Grand Parkway project.  The forecasts for Segments E, F-1, F-2, and G were created from an investment grade level analysis while the remaining segments were done from a sketch level.