State Highway 99 / Grand Parkway



RFP - Addendum 6 08/10/2012
RFP - Addendum 5 08/09/2012
RFP - Addendum 4 08/01/2012
RFP - Addendum 3 07/18/2012
RFP - Addendum 2 07/02/2012
RFP - Addendum 1 06/19/2012
Request for Proposals 05/03/2012
SH 99 / Grand Parkway Project - Short List 02/23/2012
"TxDOT Pursues Design-Build Strategy for Grand Parkway in Houston" press release 02/07/2012
List of Qualifications Submittals 02/02/2012
Grand Parkway RFQ Addendum #2 01/06/2012
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Request for Qualifications 11/18/2011
Request for Qualifications Notice - Published November 18, 2011 11/14/2011

Request for Proposals
TxDOT is pleased to present a request for proposals (RFP) to shortlisted teams for the design, construction, and capital maintenance of the Grand Parkway in Harris and Montgomery counties (Segments F1, F2, and G) The RFP and related documents are available here.

Request for Qualifications
TxDOT is seeking qualifications submittals (QS) from teams interested in entering into a Public-Private Partnership Agreement (P3A) for the portion of the Grand Parkway in Harris and Montgomery counties. The RFQ and related documents are available here.

Responses to this RFQ are due at 3 p.m. CST, Feb 1, 2012. Any questions related to the RFQ should be submitted by December 15, 2011.

Request for Information
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is seeking information to assist in developing a strategy for project development and implementing its procurement process for the SH 99 / Grand Parkway Project. The Request for Information (RFI) along with the Market Valuation Waiver Agreement (MVWA) and a Grand Parkway Components Map are available here.

The response period for the RFI is closed.

SB 1420 Committee
Meeting Date Notice Agenda & Attachments Presentation Meeting Minutes
11/29/2011 PDF PDF PDF PDF
12/15/2011 PDF PDF
01/25/2012 PDF PDF

Past Stakeholder Presentations
The past stakeholder presentations reflect information presented at the Stakeholder meetings in the past and is for information only. These presentations may not reflect the most current information on the project.

The Grand Parkway Association website ( also includes information and maps on the entire Grand Parkway Project.

The TxDOT SH 99/Grand Parkway website ( also includes information on the Grand Parkway Project.

Point of Contact:

Eddie Sanchez, P.E.
Texas Department of Transportation
7721 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007